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Star Treatment FAQ's

Q: Where are you located?
A: Just north of the Dallas./Ft Worth metrolplex. About 35 miles from DFW International Airport.

Q: Why Dynasty Equine?
A: Horse buying should be a blast! You are picking out a new companion that will bring so much joy! Dynasty Equine wants to bring simplicity back to the horse buying experience.

When visiting the ranch, be prepared to laugh, have fun and LEARN A LOT! We want to send you home with your new horse completely informed. Walk away with a solid training program, follow up lessons, bit recommendations, nutrition and workout regimen, and much more!

Dynasty Equine prides itself in selling the most elite horses available backed by a lifetime of real Pro Rodeo experience. Fallon’s lifetime of experience, horse knowledge, and Confidence Building/Motivational training style allows for an easy transition to the pay window. Breathe easy when you get to the will get an Express Clinic to learn our techniques and help you build confidence as you learn to ride your new companion.

Q: Where do you find your horses?
A: We are often asked this question and it brings a smile each and every time. Fallon has worked many years to establish trusted horse connections in the industry. At any given date, we are evaluating dozens of horses to select the best athletes for our program. Fallon starts most horses at the ranch on the barrel pattern. Other horses enter the program with proven win records. We target horses that have a lot of handle, sense, no issues, and extremely athletic.

Q: I’m sick of shopping for a horse. How can you help?
A: Dynasty Equine understands the frustration involved in searching for an ideal horse. We have heard all the horror stories about people driving many, many miles to try a horse that was misrepresented. Visitors to Fallon’s ranch often compliment that horses are exactly as they were described.

Fallon Taylor, 4x NFR Qualifier, has chosen each horse offered for sale by Dynasty Equine. We own and represent each horse. Horses with exceptional talent, skill, ability, soundness, and health are allowed into the program at Dynasty Equine. We target horses that display excellent dispositions, horses that show extreme natural talent in our training program and/or horses that own proven win records. Horses are pre-screened for outstanding talent so Dynasty Equine can offer you the very best in the industry!

Q: What can I expect when I ride a horse at your place?
A: STAR TREATMENT. A personalized mini-clinic will be provided free of charge. Fallon will assist you in choosing a proper horse to fit your needs. Professional consultation will be offered, along with specific instructions for each individual horse and training tips. Dynasty Equine also provides follow up consultation, instructional videos and extended training courses.

Q: Do you allow buyers to vet check a horse?
A: Yes! A buyer is welcome to perform a pre-purchase examination at his/her own expense. Exam conditions will be written into the bill of sale along with a specified date of conclusion. It is not our custom to release a horse to travel many hours away from the ranch to be vetted by a prospective buyer’s personal vet. Your veterinarian is more than welcome to refer any vet located within a reasonable travel distance from the ranch.

Q: Do you sell horses over the phone?
A: Yes! Many Dynasty horses are purchased over the phone and via wire transfer. Equine Express headquarters are conveniently located within minutes from the ranch. There are several other equine companies who frequent the ranch and offer reasonable shipping rates, as well.

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: Dynasty Equine accepts cash and/or electronic transfer payments. Personal or cashier checks must be approved by a General Manager.

Q: What if I don’t get along with my horse after I purchase?

A: Results will vary and are based on skill of rider, experience and ability level. Due to competition, atmosphere, feed programs, various barrel racing techniques, etc the variables of horse and rider outcome are infinite. Final results are difficult to predetermine. In the event of a dissatisfied customer, owner must contact Dynasty Equine immediately. We will offer consultation and possible solutions. No refunds, returns or exchanges.

Q: How can you help me with the horse I own now?
A: Check out the Dynasty Equine training program. You can also schedule private consultations with Fallon via email.
We specialize in simplifying the barrel pattern, boosting confidence, along with targeting and solving behavior (such as alley) problems.



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